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EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EDIElectron Drift Instrument (Cluster spacecraft)
EDIEidgenössisches Departement des Innern
EDIElectronic Document Interchange
EDIElectronic Data Interface
EDIElectrodeionization (removal of ionized salts from water using electricity)
EDIEchange de Données Informatisées (French: Electronic Data Interchange)
EDIEducation Development International (UK)
EDIExtreme Deep Invader (fictional/movie aircraft)
EDIElectronic Document Imaging
EDIEdinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom - Turnhouse (Airport Code)
EDIEnterprise Development International
EDIExecutive Director, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
EDIExtended Destination Index (register in x86 processors)
EDIEdge-Directed Interpolation (image processing)
EDIEuropean Drug Index
EDIESQ Development Institute
EDIEngineering, Design, and Inspection
EDIEvaluate, Develop, Implement
EDIEmployee Development Inventory
EDIEuropean Defense Identity
EDIExplain, Demonstrate, Imitate
EDIEnvironmental Developers, Inc.
EDIEconomic Development Institute (Washington, DC)
EDIEnterprise Development Initiative (various locations)
EDIEthereal Darkness Interactive (game)
EDIEconomic Development Initiative
EDIEnhanced Defense Intelligence (Mass Effect; video game)
EDIEating Disorder Inventory
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Steven Zabel, Vice President of Marketing for 1 EDI Source, Inc.
Exact EDI was created through a partnership with Data Masons Software, LLC, a firm specializing in advanced EDI solutions since 1992.
Most electronic accounting systems will not be completely EDI and will include some paper-based transactions.
Again, the regulation was designed not only to cover retention of records created using EDI technology, but to cover the retention and access to records generated through other electronic means and maintained by taxpayers in computerized accounting systems.
Meanwhile, Jan Zimmerman, author of Doing Business With the Government Using EDI (Van Nostrand Reinhold; $29.
conducted a survey to find out the primary reason why firms use EDI and discovered these motivations: their customers request it (35 percent); they get quick access to marketing information (26 percent); they gain an advantage over their competitors (14 percent); their data is more accurate (13 percent); and they save money (12 percent).
an EDI software supplier with an installed base of over 1000 customers, says implementation levels vary by industry.
From a taxpayer perspective, the absence of traditional paper records raises issues such as policies regarding the retention and availability of EDI transactions and records for administration purposes, the retention and availability of other electronically generated records, the availability of electronic records for audit purposes, and the educational needs of auditors and taxpayers.
X12, a designation of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is the electronic standard that allows EDI to work.
TrueCommerce specializes in providing an easy-to-use and affordable EDI solution.
In addition to EDI, transactions involving evaluated receipts settlements (ERS) also present challenges for taxpayers and taxing authorities,(1) as do corporate procurement cards and audit issues arising from their use.
ACCESSRAMP streamlines the process of using and customizing EDI documentation for trading communities and individual companies, utilizing Adobe System's, Inc.