EDIEElectronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (FDIC)
EDIEEnvironmental Data Interactive Exchange
EDIEEvidence-Based Decision-Making in Education
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PeaceHealth's four local hospitals - RiverBend, University District, Cottage Grove Community Hospital and Peace Harbor Medical Center in Florence - began implementing the EDIE system this month.
McKenzie-Willamette, owned by Tennessee-based Community Health Systems, also started rolling out the EDIE system this month, spokeswoman Jana Waterman said.
As part of health care reform, which seeks to improve health and reduce costs through better coordination of medical services, EDIE "makes total sense," Herrmann said.
Since June 30, Iverson said she has received about 50 EDIE alerts - in some cases, multiple alerts for the same patient.
Collective Medical Technologies claims that patients enrolled in EDIE on average have a sustained 60 percent reduction in emergency department visits in the first year of enrollment.
With EDIE, the emergency room doctor has more knowledge about the patient, said Keene, the company spokeswoman.
The beauty of EDIE is, since we have these feeds set up with all of the hospitals in a region, we can notify hospitals of their patients' utilization regardless of whether it's at that individual hospital, or if they've been at 15 other hospitals," Keene said.
That has been the experience of Washington hospitals, which have been using EDIE for the past two years.
Using EDIE with Medicaid patients, as well as other changes in emergency department practices, the Washington State Health Care Authority reported savings of $33.
Starting in March with the Tuality hospitals in Hillsboro and Forest Grove, 29 Oregon hospitals now are using EDIE, Keene said.
Oregon's adoption of EDIE is a collaboration of the Oregon Health Leadership Council, the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems.
With this new release, EDIE becomes an invaluable tool for Brokers by taking the 'management' out of their project management process.