EDIINTEDI Over the Internet
EDIINTElectronic Data Interchange - Internet Integration Working Group (IETF)
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Our goal of being cutting edge and cost efficient was furthered by SEEBURGER's recommendation to utilize EDIINT AS2 rather than the traditional Value Added Networks.
The new AS2 Engine expands SecureTransport's ability to work with multiple file transfer clients and protocols by adding support for the increasingly popular EDIINT AS2 standard, providing secure and reliable data exchange with any AS2-certified solution.
Wal-Mart endorses EDIINT AS2 as the best solution for secure data communication over the Internet.
bTrade TDAccess, TDImage, TDPeer, TDNgine, Workflow Portal, Business Process Agent, Business Process Router using EDIINT engine vs.
Connect:Enterprise provides secure collection and distribution of data through open communication protocols such as FTP, Secure FTP, HTTP/S, EDIINT AS2, bisync, async, and OFTP.
The Sterling Bridge Service transforms the information into the required XML document schemas and transports the data via EDIINT AS2 to the GLOBALregistry.
The labor costs required to move and maintain low-volume trading partners on a direct-connection infrastructure like EDIINT AS2 are significantly more than the cost to support one connection through a value added network, like Sterling Information Broker," said Sam Starr, president and CEO, Sterling Commerce.
Gentran Integration Suite, a strategic integration platform sold in modular components to meet specific business needs, will help Rayovac meet EDIINT AS2 security standard mandates as well as synchronize product data with retailers and UCCnet to prevent costly errors that result when orders are based on incorrect product data.
Join Cyclone Commerce, the collaborative commerce company, and RIS News for an interactive discussion on how retailers and manufacturers can achieve real-time business benefits through the adoption of collaborative commerce initiatives, such as EDIINT AS2, CPFR and real-time analytics.