EDIPEconomic Development Incentive Program (Massachusetts)
EDIPExperimental Dermato Immuno Pathology (research group)
EDIPEuropean Defence Improvement Programme (NATO)
EDIPExplain, Demonstrate, Imitate, Practice
EDIPElectronic Data Interchange Partners, Ltd. (Electronic commerce training)
EDIPElement Design Integration Panel
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Over 100 schools across Gilgit-Baltistan are supported as part of EDIP.
Human toxicity and ecotoxicity // Background for spatial differentiation in life cycle assessment--the EDIP 2003 methodology / J.
SimpliVity is taking advantage of EDIP to add jobs in Westboro.
The EACC approved $120,000 in EDIP Investment Tax Credits.
Scenarios from group B can be considered to be much closer to reality and are evaluated taking into account CML 96, EI95, EDIP 2003 methodologies.
The EDIP is aimed at helping potential entrepreneurs and investors translate their ideas into commercial ventures in the manufacturing and service sectors.
UNIDO representative Khaled El Mekwad said that EDIP is geared toward entrepreneurs and directly deals with stakeholders which makes it more result-oriented in the sense that the potential entrepreneur is expected to set up his/her own business enterprise and/or expand existing ones.
Upon completion of the programme, the trainers will manage and conduct the EDIP in their regions - Baghdad, Kurdistan and Thi Qar Governorates.
NORTH BROOKFIELD - It might have been one large bowl of alphabet soup - ETAs, EOAs, TIFs, EDIPs, SITCs and STAs.
The EDIP is designed to increase economic activity within the Commonwealth's identified Economic Target Areas (ETAs) and the City of New Bedford has historically utilized the EDIP as one of its key economic development planning tools.
free electronic access to EDIPS Download, ECR's digital preview system which enables one to download 1 099 Microsoft[R] Office PowerPoint presentations of ECR lectures throughout the year
In this study, 3303 longitudinal samples from 597 EDIPS participants, 248 of whom converted to type 2 diabetes during the study, were subsequently tested to evaluate changes in their multivariate PreDx DRS in response to intervention.