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EDMEntity Data Model
EDMElectronic Document Management
EDMElectric(al) Discharge Machining
EDMEnterprise Data Management
EDMEngineering Development Model
EDMElectronic Dance Music
EDMElectric Dipole Moment
EDMElectro Discharge Machining
EDMEngineering Data Management
EDMEssential Drugs and Medicines Policy (WHO)
EDMElectronic Distance Measurement
EDMMaster of Education
EDMElectronic Data Management
EDMEducational Data Mining
EDMÉnergie du Mali (French; electric company; Mali)
EDMExternal Device Monitoring
EDMElectronic Distance Meter
EDMEnterprise Data Model
EDMElectronic Discharge Machining
EDMEnvironmental Decision Making
EDMEDM Drilling Machines
EDMEuropean Domestic Market
EDMExtensor Digiti Minimi
EDMElectron Discharge Machining
EDMElectron Devices Meeting
EDMEmergency Disaster Management
EDMEngineering Design Model
EDMExtended Data Message
EDMEnterprise Desktop Manager
EDMElectron Devices and Materials (IEEE workshop)
EDMElectro-optical Distance Measurement
EDMEpiphyseal Dysplasia, Multiple
EDMError Detection Mechanism
EDMEmployee Development Manager
EDMElectro-magnetic Distance Measurement
EDMEnhanced Data Mode
EDMEngineering Demonstration Model
EDMEquipment Deadlined for Maintenance
EDMEgo Defense Mechanism (psychology)
EDMEarly Detection Mode
EDMEmergency Destruction of Munitions
EDMExpress Development Methodology
EDMExternal Digital Modulation (Agilent)
EDMEvent Detection Module
EDMECTU Documents Manager
EDMEveryone Deserves Music (album)
EDMElectronic Direct Mail
EDMEarly Day Motion (UK parliament)
EDMElectronic Direct Marketing
EDMEdmonton, Alberta (Canada)
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EDM is a global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation, defence, rail and other industries.
This award is a testament to EDM's commitment to expand its reach and technological services to serve American industries," said Scott Byers, CEO and president of EDM.
By opting for a managed services EDM deployment, Acadian can take advantage of a quick and proven implementation methodology," said Spiros Giannaros, managing director, Markit EDM.
Formtek is very pleased that Alfresco chose our EDM Solution as one of the first Partner technology solutions to be certified under this new initiative", added Dennis M.
Prior to EDM, manufacturers mainly used injection molding, in which materials such as liquid plastic were injected into a mold for mass production.
This research has three purposes: to provide an overview of EDM; to offer a brief overview of research on EDM; and to investigate and then discuss how the use of EDM improves learning outcomes.
During the EDM process development, there were introduce some techniques in order to improve the MRR, such as (Abbas et.
Designs and manufactures precision multicavity molds using CAD/CAM, highspeed 3-D machining, CNC EDM and wire EDM.
While the Noble Prize citation (1989) for the originator of experimental work on the neutron EDMs, Norman Ramsey, did not mention his neutron EDM work directly [3], it is widely felt that this work played an important role in his selection for that honor.
The expected turnover for the EDM group to March 2005 is expected to be in excess of pounds 20 million.
Plus, we're able to get a superior Finish quality utilizing EDM technology.