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EDO RAMExtended Data Out Random Access Memory
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The entry-level ($1,599) system boasts a 120 MHz Pentium processor, 16 MB EDO RAM, 1 MB V-RAM, a 33.
The high-end model in the series, the SENS Pro 525, retail price $4,199, has a 150MHz Pentium processor with MMX and 48MB of EDO RAM.
Dense-Pac is a recognized leader in the field, with several patents and extensive experience in stacking various types of memory including DDR, SDRAM, FCRAM, EDO RAM, and SRAM.
6kbps DSVD modems, 16X-speed (maximum performance) CD-ROM drives, and 32 MB of EDO RAM (expandable to 128 MB).
memory support, including SDRAM, Flash, EDO RAM and SRAM;
Texas Instruments' Extensa 600 Series, featuring a 120MHz Pentium processor, 8Mb of EDO RAM, a removable 810Mb hard drive and a 12.
com was first-to-market with EDO RAM and pipeline burst cache in 1995, and first with 133MHz SDRAM in Sept.
Both PowerPlayer models have 32Mb of EDO RAM (expandable to 128Mb), a 256Kb secondary cache of pipeline burst memory, and a MultiSpin 6x4-speed CD-ROM-drive changer.