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EDVElektronische Datenverarbeitung
EDVEnde Der Vernunft :-)
EDVEnd-Diastolic Volume
EDVEpidermodysplasia Verruciformis (skin disease)
EDVEvery Day Value (Macy's marketing
EDVEngeneic Delivery Vehicle (drug delivery)
EdVEnsemble de Valeur (blogring.net, secret society)
EDVElectronic Drawings Vault
EDVEmitter Descriptor Vector
EDVElectronic Diversity Visa Program (US State Department)
EDVElectron Drift Velocity (electricity and magnetism; physics)
EDVElectronische Dienstverlening (German: Electronic Services)
EDVEnterprise Desktop Virtualization (Wyse)
EDVEuropean Disaster Volunteers (UK)
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Also the Zonal charts for variables EDV, ESV and EF for 8-frame and 16-frame are given in Figures 6, figure 7 and figure 8.
Superior thyroid artery EDV level was found higher in normal vitamin D level group compared to low vitamin D level group (13.
The collaboration involves Takeda providing EnGeneIC with an upfront access fee and research funding to explore the feasibility of the EDV technology for the development of immunomodulatory candidates for oncology.
Conclusion The clinically suspicious lesions should always be biopsied as cutaneous malignancy is a well-known frequent and serious complication of EDV and there is high potential in these patients to develop premalignant conditions.
La EDV se presenta con mayor frecuencia en animales adultos (>7 anos), de razas pequenas como Poodle estandar y miniatura, Schnauzer, Pinscher, entre otras y mestizos menores de 15 kg.
EDV Packaging coextrudes and thermoforms the base material at its production plant in Barcelona and has designed a modern, exclusive container with a PP/EVOH/PP white structure.
Both organizations cite several factors in their decision, including the need for greater data security, and the plummeting cost of hard drives, making EDV an increasingly viable alternative.
In the case of a suspected EDV, however, pedigree data are usually not available for the breeder of the IV.
Christian Edwards can expect a recall at centre-back after missing Tuesday's EDV Vans Trophy defeat at Bury through a one-match ban.
In these offices most of the 394 employees work; in the EDV suite with its data strong room, transferring the written word from paper to electronic media, cataloguing and administrating.