EDXAEnergy-Dispersive X-ray Analysis
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EDXA spectra of lung tissue did not indicate exactly the same elements present in original glass fibers.
The elemental composition of the surface of the wood specimens before and after sol-gel treatment is shown in the EDXA spectra presented in Figs.
Thus EDXA and infrared spectra of the wood specimens after sol-gel treatment support the hypothesis that the surface was covered with a thin metaloxane xerogel whose chemical composition consisted of aluminum-silicon oxides ([Al.
The improved resistance to moisture sorption by the sol-gel treated wood specimens correlates well with their surface chemical composition, which according to the EDXA and infrared spectra consists of hydrophobic hydrocarbon chains attached to aluminum oxide-silicon oxide networks.
Mechanisms involving extensive epicuticular wax removal or reorientation or stomatal closure were not supported based on SEM and EDXA observations.
Abbreviations: SEM, Scanning electron microscopy; EDXA, energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis.
Summary statistics and counts of EDXA and LA-1CP-MS abundances for two northern Vanuatu volcanic glass sources.
Fibers were counted on transmission electron microscope (TEM, detection limit not provided) and were identified by EDXA.
Key words: actinolite, asbestos, EDXA, environmental malignant mesothelioma, southeastern Anatolia, tremolite, Turkey.
1) EDXA spectra have revealed the formation of magnesium carbonate hydrates at the primer liquid/vapor interface, dypingite [[Mg.
2) In the scribed area with no epoxy matrix or magnesium metal originally present, EDXA spectra show carbon, oxygen, magnesium, and aluminum with the possible presence of dypingite (magnesium carbonate) structure over the exposed aluminum surface.
In summary, Table 1 gives the relative pH, the solubility product, and the water solubility for magnesium salts identified in EDXA spectra.