EDXLEmergency Data Exchange Language (National Information Exchange Model standard)
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Denis Gusty, EDXL Program Manager, Science and Technology Command, Control and Interoperability (CCI) Division
For the first time, we will be able to showcase the entire suite of EDXL standards in alignment with the NIEM Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) for the EDXL Distribution Element.
EDXL serves as the 'umbrella' for a number of emergency data message types including resource queries and requests, situation status and forecasts, financial and personnel data, message routing instructions, etc.
Central to the EI Summit will be an interoperability demonstration showing the use of CAP and EDXL in a train accident scenario involving a chemical leak compounded by the threat of tornadoes.
Our goal is to provide neutral ground where implementers and solution providers can connect, share experiences, and define best practices for deploying interoperable systems based on CAP and EDXL.
The EM Adoption Committee coordinates its activities with the OASIS EM Technical Committee, which develops the CAP and EDXL specifications.
This OASIS committee will support development and market adoption of interoperable solutions - based on standards such as CAP and EDXL - that can communicate with each other to quickly and effectively spread critical information during times of emergency.
We are committed to working with standards development organizations, including OASIS, to integrate EDXL data messaging standards into the resources that emergency responders rely upon to keep the Nation safe.
These latest additions to the EDXL suite of standards should help increase the interoperability of incident communications.