EDZEuropean Dead Zone (gaming)
EDZEconomic Development Zone
EDZExcavation Damaged Zone
EDZExtended Double Zepp (amateur radio antenna)
EDZExcavation Disturbed or Damaged Zone
EDZEmission Density Zoning
EDZElectricite de Zahle (French: Electricity of Zahle; Zahle, Lebanon)
EDZElektro Dienstleistungs Zentrum (German: Electronic Service Center; Switzerland)
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EDZ said someone shot at the plant's transformers and threatened its chief executive.
When EDL monopolized power production in the 1970s and granted private companies rights to distribution, Lebanon was producing energy at a surplus," said Naji Jreissati, a project manager and electrical engineer at EDZ.
The following questions concerning long term behaviour of the system should be answered: (a) what is the peak pressure expected in disposal cell during the gas generation phase and could this pressure affect the mechanical stability of repository, (b) which could be the relative role of the interfaces, EDZ and backfill to the migration of gas, (c) where are the main gas pathways.
Practically this corresponds to an environment without manifestations of the EDZ.
2002): Metodologia aplicada al estudio de la variacion de la porosidad y microestructura en la EDZ desarrollada en la Galeria FEBEX (Grimsel-Suiza).
Through the EDZ network, this opportunity is now available to producers and distributors throughout Europe.
The first Soviet explosive reactive armour was developed by the NIIBT research centre at Kubinka and named `dynamic reactive elements' or EDZ in Red Army jargon.
The Kunshan Huaqiao Economic Development Zone (EDZ) is an approved provincial level EDZ located at the junction of Shanghai and Suzhou.
Cedric Daep, Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management Office (APSEMO) chief, said the evacuation order was a preemptive disaster measure to keep residents living along the 9 EDZ safe once a full-blown explosive eruption takes place anytime soon.
Cedric Daep, APSEMO chief, said the evacuation order was a preemptive disaster measure to keep residents living inside the 9-km EDZ safe when a full-blown hazardous eruption takes place any time soon.
It's been two to three years and no new developments have been made with EDZ," he said.
This "zone capital credit" can be taken by investors who contribute to or purchase shares in a zone capital corporation, or make a direct equity investment in a certified zone business, or make contributions to approved community development projects within an EDZ.