EEAAEgyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
EEAAExhibition & Event Association of Australia
EEAAEuropean Evangelical Accrediting Association
EEAAEnvironmental Education Association of Alabama
EEAAEast-European Acoustical Association
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Because of the positive correlation between PhAA levels and EEAA detection, we further adjusted for EEAA, but the association with PhAA remained unchanged (fOR for a 1-mg/L increase in PhAA = 0.
EEAA detection was significantly associated with a longer TTP among primiparous women.
Although the EEAA now concentrates its efforts mostly on cleaning up after spills, that may change.
Likewise, the EGPC media department said they had no additional information to share and information should be sought from the petroleum ministry and the EEAA.
Last week the EEAA declared a state of emergency in Aswan, Qena and Luxor due to the oil slick drifting down the Nile.
Requirements for new licenses to build cement plants include getting the approvals from the EEAA and building the plants in a location outside the scope of the governorates of Greater Cairo, Delta, Alexandria and Port Said, Ismailia and South Sinai, Hurghada, Luxor and Sohag.