EEASEuropean External Action Service (EU)
EEASEnergy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme (UK)
EEASEnvironmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
EEASEast of England Ambulance Service (UK)
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The Commission and the EEAS agree to review the PEGASE
DG Trade is in the missions abroad however supported by EEAS diplomats who are involved in the negotiations and its monitoring.
But the G4S deal aroused suspicion among competitors that British officials in the EEAS gave preferential treatment to the British company.
The overall percentage of national diplomats in the EEAS is now 26.
The process of staffing the 7000-strong service, intended by the Lisbon Treaty to be the foreign policy arm of the bloc, is not yet complete and informed observers have suggested that a continuing lack of clarity about some organisational issues continues to dog the establishment of the EEAS.
A major topic of Mladenov's talks with the Bulgarians at the EEAS were the mechanisms for cooperation and coordination between the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry and the EU diplomatic service, announced the ministry press office.
Saudi Ambassador to Belgium Abdallah Al Mouallimi welcomed the creation of the EEAS and its new role in the Gulf.
The online publication said EEAS took the steps despite the act G4S has no permission from the National Transitional Council (NTC), the internationally recognized postwar authority in Libya, to operate on its territory.
Bulgarian Socialist leader Sergey Stanishev, who now chairs the PES Foreign Policy Network, has met with EEAS head Catherine Ashton, praising her on her efforts to make EU foreign policy more transparent.
The respect of geographical balance is necessary" to provide the future EU diplomatic service with "credibility and legitimacy," says a paper to be discussed at the Friends of the EEAS meeting next week.
The auditors found that the EEAS and the Commission had made reasonable efforts to support the implementation of the recommendations.
I also take this opportunity to say that I am looking forward to continuing to work with Helga Schmid, whose current work as Political Director/Deputy Secretary General of the EEAS is an invaluable asset for her future position," said Mogherini in a statement.