EECLEngines and Energy Conversion Laboratory (Colorado State University)
EECLErgon Energy Corporation Limited (Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia)
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El modelo propuesto para la realizacion de esta investigacion ha recogido los factores que la literatura ha senalado como mas relevantes para el rendimiento en lengua extranjera en las tres grandes categorias antes mencionadas (el propio alumno, el centro escolar y la familia) entre los que fueron recogidos en los cuestionarios del EECL.
Los resultados del EECL ponen de manifiesto grandes diferencias en las puntuaciones de los alumnos de los distintos sistemas educativos participantes.
Para facilitar la comprension de los datos, se muestra, a continuacion, el rango de amplitud estipulado en el EECL para la destreza de comprension oral.
Products developed at the EECL, in partnership with its industrial sponsors, have reduced pollution in the atmosphere by millions of tons and have saved more than 14 billion ft3 of natural gas.
The EECL can prototype test stoves and then fabricate them.
McGoldrick said that while they use the waterjet on almost all the projects that operate out of the EECL, other departments have been requesting to use the waterjet as well.
Woodward became involved with the EECL a few months after its founding in 1992, as part of a multicompany research project to help reduce emissions from engines used in the natural gas pipeline industry," Gendron noted.
Rudy Stanglmaier, a mechanical engineering assistant professor, will manage the new center within the EECL.
Laser diagnostics represents part of the wide range of capabilities available through the EECL, which was built and is being supported primarily through funding provided by Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI), Gas Technology Institute (GTI), and individual pipeline companies.
Driven primarily by the need to reduce pollutant emission, EECL scientists have been studying engine dynamics and conducting extensive testing in advanced facilities built specifically for the investigation of large compressor engines.