EEELElectronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory (NIST)
EEELEnergy, Environment, Experimental Learning (Canada)
EEELÉnergie Éco et Logique (French: Eco Logic and Energy)
EEELEmerging Energies Emerging Landscapes (est. 2007)
EEELe-Education and e-Learning (online learning)
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EEEL is able to reduce its potable water consumption by 64%.
Eeels and colleagues found an apparent contradiction, that is, on the one hand, the instruments used to measure achievement and competence are being more urgently called for and more widely used than ever before whereas, on the other hand, tests are, at the same time, being more sharply criticized and strongly opposed.
Eeels have only been together for two years, mixing jazzy sounds with rock guitar and African drums.