EEFLExternal Electrode Fluorescent Lamp
EEFLExperimental Electronic Football League
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During normal operation of an EEFL backlight system, if any lamp is damaged or disconnected, the protection circuitry is initiated, which protects the system driving circuit used in large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel applications.
Backlight and panel makers have also forecast strong challenges to CCFL backlighting, not only from EEFL and flat fluorescent approaches championed by Korean makers, but also from LED backlights and HCFL.
room 132/133 in the Moscone Center -- "High-Performance EEFL Backlight Systems for Large-Sized LCD-TVs," Jae Bum Kim, Session 26, Wednesday, June 7, 10:40 a.
This methodology overcomes lamp detection difficulties that can arise with multiple EEFLs connected in parallel.