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EEGElectronics Engineering Group
EEGEuropean Elephant Group (Stockholm, Sweden)
EEGEarly Error Gate
EEGExercise Evaluation Group
EEGExtra Evil Grin
EEGElektra Entertainment Group (record label)
EEGErneubare Energien Gesetz (Renewable Energy Sources Act, Germany)
EEGEnvironmental Evaluation Group
EEGEmperor Entertainment Group (Hong Kong)
EEGEuropeiska Ekonomiska Gemenskapen (Swedish: European Economic Community)
EEGEnterprise Encryption Gateway (wireless LAN segmentation and security device)
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In Section 3, the relation between fMRI data and EEG data and the EEG experiments, with analyze based upon these fMRI analysis results will be outlined.
Looking at how often the PET/CT and EEG findings concurred regarding the location of the seizure focus, Dr.
The EEG has a resolution in the millisecond (one-thousandth of a second) range, but all other functional technologies (fMRI or PET) have temporal resolutions on the order of tens of seconds.
In addition, their baseline EEG patterns indicated greater relative right frontal activation.
Tree planting is a part of EEG's commitment to the UNEP's Billion Tree programme, wherein EEG had pledged one million indigenous trees to be planted in UAE in the year 2007.
EEG says that in joining the campaign, participants will increase the amount of paper recycled in Dubai, which in turn will save a valuable resource from ending up in the landfills.
Routine monitoring consisted of electrocardiogram, pulse oximetry, non-invasive blood pressure, inhaled vapour and gas analysis, and EEG (S5 GE DatexOhmeda Fairfield, CT, USA) using the three-electrode commercial sensor strip and standard prefrontal montage.
In the study led by Cash, the researchers were interested in a particular type of EEG squiggle called a K-complex.
Although several studies have described EEG changes immediately after exercise, very few studies have examined EEG during exercise.
While working full time, Akins and Wilcox participated in outside coursework, online classes, seminars, annual conferences and personal study for a year to prepare for the EEG technologist exam, completed in Portland in February.
There are different reasons for difficulties by identification of microwave effects on EEG and cognitive processes, some of which are listed below.
Before we get there, we'll need to lock down EEG devices.