EEHCEuropean Environment and Health Committee (WHO)
EEHCEgyptian Electricity Holding Company
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EEHC, under the Energy Ministry, is to add generating capacity by direct investment and through build, own, operate, and transfer (BOOT) projects.
However, the EEHC has performed so well in such a short period of time that the government is beginning to rethink its privatisation plans.
German company Elster deployed one of the first intelligent metering systems delivered in the MENA region, for EEHC in Egypt for MV substation Load Balancing, followed by several industrial solutions in various utilities in Lebanon, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.
There are five generation companies and nine distribution companies operating in the country under the umbrella of the EEHC.
In the medium term, EEHC hopes that its Power Generation Expansion Plan, which runs from June 2007 until November 2012, will help to put enough generating capacity in place to provide a cushion against rising demand.
Any new plants are expected to be funded privately, probably as Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) schemes, selling their power to the EEHC.
Bank Audi plans to also take part in another loan given to EEHC with value of $100m, of the total loan value at $520m.
Under this project, EEHC has entrusted to Ansaldo Energia the project, realization and inauguration of the new open-air electrical power plant worth 600MW, allowing to double the power generation capacity of the ''6 October'' site.
EEHC is having a part-solar power plant at Kureimat which will have 30 MW of solar out of a total capacity of 150 MW.
The loan repayment period is up to five years, and would be directed to pay the dues of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) owed to the EEHC.
EEHC, under the Energy Ministry, is to add generating capacity through build, own, operate, and transfer (BOOT) schemes.
EEHC, Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, has awarded a $ 140 million contract for the supply on EPC basis of a 650 MW gas/oil fired boiler for Suez Thermal Power Plant to Ansaldo Caldaie.