EEIIExtremidades Inferiores (Spanish: Spanish)
EEIIEquipement Electrique Immobilier et Industriel (French: Electrical Equipment and Industrial Real Estate)
EEIIEmergency Educational Institute International (Florida)
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The tan-colored adults have large heads and paws, with irregular brown spots, tufted ears and a short tail (BPPC and EEII 2002).
The Eurasian lynx is still widely distributed in Turkey's mountains and coastal forests, from the Aegean to southeastern Anatolia, including the Black Sea, central Anatolia and the Mediterranean regions (BPPC and EEII 2002).
The caracal weighs between 11-20 kg and has distinctive ears characterized by long tufts of black hair (BPPC and EEII 2002).
The caracal is known to attack domestic sheep and goats, but its usual prey includes birds, hares, and small rodents such as voles (BPPC and EEII 2002; CSG Species Accounts 1996).
Three smaller carnivore species, the European wildcat (Felis silvestris caucasica), the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), and the pine marten (Martes martes), are still widespread throughout Anatolia, and their numbers may be stable (BPPC and EEII 2002; Curnata 2002; Garman 2000).