EELLEnd Expiratory Lung Level (pulmonary disease)
EELLExecutive Education and Lifelong Learning (University of Alberta, School of Business, Canada)
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The G:F ratio was affected by dietary lysine level, while treatment EEL improved G:F ratio compared to EL and EELL (p<0.
The recently introduced White Onyx is not quite as gorgeous as the EELL Diamond Pigeon, but it is pretty enough, and it drops birds and clay targets just as efficiently as a gun costing more than three times as much money.
Some of the fancier field models such as the S687 EL Gold Pigeon and EELL Diamond Pigeon are enough to tempt a far-gone connoisseur of fine shotguns to sell his favorite bird dog.
The guns are a quartet of Beretta Model 455 EELL rifles which have received custom treatment from world-renowned engraver Maestro Angelo Galeazzi.
Each pattern is laid out by machine, but hand-finished with over a month of hand engraving (the same method used for Beretta 687 EELL guns).
Washing of the different containers of CT of the fractions FOR and EELL in the same municipalities in which the collection is going to take place.