EEMOEuropean Energy Markets Observatory (Capgemini; various locations)
EEMOEnergy Efficiency Management Office (Mauritius)
EEMOEnvezion Export Management Organization (India)
EEMOExperiments, Evaluations and Model Development (Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
EEMOEngineer Equipment Maintenance Office
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Mice were then orally pretreated with EEMO (100 mg/kg), AXyl (0.
50] value of EEMO which is reported as the geometric mean accompanied by its respective 95% confidence limit.
2A show that the EEMO produced a dose-related inhibition of the acetic acid-induced abdominal constrictions in mice, with a mean [ID.
EEMO and AXyl did not alter the hot-plate latency and motor performance at doses that caused significant antinociception.
We have recently corroborated the anti-inflammatory activity in the trunk bark extract and also reported that the EEMO has antipyretic activity confirming the popularly known use for this plant (Kassuya et al.
EEMO was very effective in inhibiting abdominal constrictions and very potent compared with extracts from other plants evaluated using a similar methodology.
We showed here that EEMO and AXyl produced antinociception against the inflammatory phase of formalin.
According to Dr Elahee, the logo embodies EEMO s identity and is in line with its vision and mission to achieve greater prosperity and sustainability through energy efficiency and lead the country in energy efficiency development and promotion.
The week will kick off on 24 September with a workshop/ forum on energy efficiency, the launching of EEMO labels and a demonstration on testing energy-efficient vehicles.
He further stated that the EEMO will be involved mainly in training, education, sensitisation, elaboration of norms and introduction of energy management programmes at different levels.