EENREfficacité Énergétique (French: Energy Efficiency)
EENRElite Energies, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
EENREnergy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee
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The Salt Lake EENR group hosts a Speaker Series, On the Environment, a forum for legal professionals and industry experts to discuss critical environmental issues impacting Utah.
EENR will evaluate and consider specific proposals for alternative financing mechanisms for water and wastewater projects, such as a clean water trust fund, infrastructure bank or loan guarantee program.
Finally, in the coming year the EENR Committee will discuss the issue of bringing parity between electric and gas customers, whereby the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission would have the authority to order refunds to consumers who have been found to have been charged unjust and unreasonable rates for natural gas effective to the date the complaint was filed, rather than the date the complaint is resolved.
Finally, EENR recommended renewing five existing resolutions that were adopted at the Annual Business Meeting related to water infrastructure financing and regulatory prioritization, sustainability, the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill and ecosystem restoration, Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs, local building code authority and Milfoil.
As a follow up to a discussion that began in the spring, the EENR Steering Committee, under the leadership of Matt Zone, council member, Cleveland, Ohio, met jointly with the ITC Committee to hear from Eric Lightner, director of the Smart Grid Task Force in the Office of Electricity at the U.
The EENR committee is committed to developing solutions and recommendations that will help our nation's cities, both large and small, become more energy efficient and greener.
The ITC Steering Committee then joined members of the EENR Steering Committee for the first of two sessions on smart grid.
The EENR Policy and Advocacy Committee will meet at the Congress of Cities in Denver to review policy recommendations.
EENR Committee members also participated in a series of Capitol Hill visits to lobby on NLC priorities.
On climate change adaptation, the EENR committee will advocate for federal financial and technical assistance to support local adaptation projects that would help prepare local governments for the many and varied effects of climate change.
In addition to climate change mitigation, the EENR Committee continued its parallel focus on the preparation for climate change effects, and the committee accepted an offer from the U.
The EENR committee continued its focus on implementing the NLC Action Plan on Sustainability, while also acting on a range of policy topics.