EESSEarth Exploration Satellite Service
EESSExigences Essentielles de Sécurité et de Santé (French: Essential Safety and Health Requirements)
EESSEnvironmental Engineering Student Society (Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI)
EESSExtremidades Superiores (Spanish: Arms)
EESSEaton Electrical Services & Systems (Cleveland, OH)
EESSEarth Environmental Sensor Systems
EESSEnvironmental and Earth System Science
EESSEvaporative Emission Shed System
EESSEnd-to-End Software Simulator
EESSEarth Electrode Subsystem
EESSELT (English Language Training) Elementary and Secondary School (Cambodia)
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At EESS, my job it to ensure that we keep our customer's trucks up and running.
To be integrated with the grid, EESS require power electronic interfaces for the energy conversion process.
An additional allocation to the EESS would be unlikely unless it was shown to be compatible with radars in the band.
En el ano 2013 y en el marco del articulo 21 de la Ley 29951, Ley de presupuesto del ano fiscal 2013 se identifico 1507 EESS en zonas alejadas o de frontera.
Chasing IHS total of 124, EESS could muster only 104 for 8 in the allotted 15 overs.
Totadri provided excellent support to Chopra with 72 runs and together they thrashed the EESS bowling to put on a 192-run partnership.
Esta encuesta deberia trasladarse al consultorio externo de nuestros EESS, no como preguntas sino con un testigo observador; asi, lograria acercarse en el campo mismo de la realidad; empero, la presente es un inicio de mejora a cambio.
Kuldeep Kumar of EESS sparkled with the ball and bat to ensure an eight wicket win over Shaikh Rashid School, Dubai.
The first goal of the pool A encounter was scored by TIHSAEs Sahil Kumar thanks to a bad pass in the 9th minute, which was quickly equalised 6 minutes later by Umaid of EESS.
All the bowlers used by Captain Hamid of EESS claimed wickets, with Pratik accounting for two of them.
Having won the toss, EESS put in DPS Dubai to bat first.