EESTEastern European Summer Time
EESTEastern Europe Summer Time (time zone)
EESTEscadron d'Expérimentation et de Soutien Technique (French: Experimentation and Technical Support Squadron)
EESTEastern European Standard Time (time zone)
EESTEnvironmental and Ecological Statistics (journal)
EESTEnhanced Ethernet Serial Transceiver
EESTEnergie, Effet de Serre et Transport (French: Energy, Greenhouse Effect and Transportation; study)
EESTEnvironment, Energy and Social Transition (USAID)
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Address For Correspondence: Jesus Ortiz, Department EEST, University of Pamplona, Pamplona, Colombia
Jesus Ortiz, Department EEST, University of Pamplona, Electronic engineering, Pamplona, Colombia.
Na EEST estao alocadas tres parcelas permanentes: 2 transectos de 5 ha (20 m x 2500 m) cada, divididos em subparcelas de 20 m x 20 m e uma parcela de 30 ha (500 m x 600 m) dividida em subparcelas de 10 m x 10 m.
The councils begins at 10:00 EEST at the Presidency in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The subject was initially the first point in the agenda of Friday's plenary session, which is due to last between 09:00 and 10:30 EEST.
This contract for the acquisition and delivery of 2 reagents for screening EEST (transmissible subacute spongiform encephalopathy).
The new leg leading to Sofia Airport was officially launched Thursday, with the first train departing at 13:00 EEST (11:00 GMT).
The measure will prevent about 3700 of refugees from leaving their compounds after 20:00 EET, or 22:00 EEST in the summer.
At about 14:30 EEST (13:30 CET), she arrived at the EU Parliament to be questioned by three parliamentary committees, namely on Budgets, Budgetary Control and Legal Affairs.
The operation was carried out at about 08:00 EEST (06:00 GMT), with details yet to be established by authorities.
As of 10:35 EEST (08:35 GMT), a message from the Team Dz Algeria Hackers, who claim to be the perpetrators, appears on the homepage calling for the "freedom for Palestine and All Muslims'.
Rautaruukki Corporation Stock exchange release 5 September 2013 at 2pm EEST.