EFABEnvironmental Financial Advisory Board (US EPA)
EFABEducation Funding Advisory Board (Illinois)
EFABElectrochemical Fabrication (micro-device manufacturing technology)
EFABExtended Forward Avionics Bay (aviation)
EFABEconomic and Financial Analysis Branch (MMS Canada)
EFABElectrochemically Assisted Fast Atom Bombardment
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Once a design has been reached, EFAB Access participants will submit their designs to MOSIS, which will prepare the wafer layout for Microfabrica.
MEMGen's EFAB technology enables unprecedented flexibility in 3-D design, allowing devices to be built with multiple layers of metal (tens to hundreds, if required).
The EFAB process is ideal for developing a wide range of electrical devices such as relays, inductors, filters, transformers and connectors.
The EFAB process creates metal structures by electroplating multiple, independently patterned layers in an automated fashion.
The EFAB process uses fewer steps than other microfabrication equipment.
That way you won't accidentally kick it off the EFAB and damage the helmet shell, visors, and the IR harness.
EFAB can create a variety of arbitrary shapes in microscale.
He estimated that, when commercialized, an EFAB system for prototyping will cost somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million.
EFAB Access is based on Microfabrica's breakthrough technology for manufacturing complex 3D microdevices by depositing many metal layers with micron precision.
But clogged filters stop cooling air so avionics in the EFAB bays or cockpit overheat and stop working.
Mechanics, when you remove the universal tracking device (UTD) camera, NSN 6210-01-348-8252, from the AH-64D left extended forward avionics bay (EFAB) and put it back into the vibration analysis kit, NSN 6625-01-282-3746, don't leave the four holes in the left EFAB cowling uncovered.
Water can cause havoc and knock out many of the electronic components in the left or right EFAB.