EFAPEmployee and Family Assistance Program
EFAPEmployee Family Assistance Program
EFAPEthiopian Forestry Action Plan
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Organizations that offer an online counseling program as part of their EFAP can be considered trendsetters in the field of employee health and wellness.
Online EFAP service offerings: Re-examining user demographics and access patterns.
The mean total EFAP was also significantly lowered (p < 0.
The mean age of the participants in this study was similar to that of the population used in establishing the validity of EFAP.
The participants made appreciable improvement in each of the EFAP sub tasks--floor, carpet, 'up and go', obstacle and stairs--and total EFAP scores.
32) The improvement in walking speed observed as reduced task completion time on all the EFAP subtasks might have occurred along with improvements in the stated parameters.
All EFAP subtasks involve movement at comfortable walking speeds.
Paul: It is difficult to suggest one best means for an EFAP to kick off a technological journey as each has its own benefits and suitability to an organization.
Given that EFAP clients often access services with non-psychiatric presenting issues, it is important to compare video counselling's value in that context.
Clients were mostly younger females, which matches traditional EFAP demographics.
These results were expected given that a significant number of these cases consisted of couple/conjoint cases, which historically have higher drop-out rates than individual cases, and that not all users access EFAP services for mental health concerns.
EFAPs are in a unique position, offering multi-modal clinical services to thousands of clients a year across different demographics, locales, and presenting issues.