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EFBElectronic Flight Bag (aircraft/crew computing device)
EFBEuropean Federation of Biotechnology
EFBEnglish for Business
EFBEmpty Fruit Bunches
EFBEcole de Formation du Barreau (France)
EFBEsbjerg Forenede Boldklubber (Esbjerg, Denmark soccer club)
EFBElectronic Field Book (computer program or hardware used to collect various data for submission to off-line data processors)
EFBEnvironment and Food Bureau (Hong Kong)
EFBExport and Finance Bank (Jordan)
EFBEnhanced Fixed Bias (amplifiers)
EFBEffective Fringe Benefits (accounting/payroll)
EFBEDAC & Format Buffer
EFBÉcole Française de Badminton (French: French School of Badminton)
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Michael Stoddart thanked the Allerton Road branch's "loyal customers" after it emerged the south Liverpool store, which employs four people, was one of 37 snapped up nationwide by EFB Holdings.
EFB is now a leading independent drinks distributor.
3m by the administrator, while the balance was secured when P&H came to a separate agreement with EFB Retail for stock it had supplied to Wine Cellar.
The major importance and textual authority of this new edition of the EFB lies in the impressively detailed bibliographic research into the circumstances of its compilation in the late-1580s and the publication of its surviving English editions.
Among the changes, airlines and other operators now have the ability to send company information directly to FliteDeck Pro as "customer inserted charts" and have it available for EFB use immediately, instead of waiting for the next data cycle update.
The report provides a market analysis of the EFB market over the next five years.
Use it (and any tricks your EFB app has) to determine the forecast weather at your destination.
The present study examines temporal variability in soil physical, chemical and biological components, in conjunction with EFB decomposition, over a 2-year period between two EFB applications.
Research shows that the oil palm empty fruit bunch can attract the attention from termites in three days since the EFB still contain the cellulose which is the main food for termites [2].
The app is an alternative to the traditional PC operating system EFB devices.
The family-owned group had 170 stores but Deloitte said 109 have been sold to EFB Retail, preserving 640 jobs at these outlets and around 60 staff in its Runcorn head office.