EFMBExpert Field Medical Badge
EFMBÉcole Française de Minibasket (French: French Minibasket School)
EFMBÉcole Française de Mountainboard (French: French Mountainboard School)
EFMBEmbedded Flash Memory Block
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The tasks for the EFMB have changed, as the skills required of our medics have changed," he said.
Diana Darrell, who's assigned to the Heidelberg Medical Department Activity, was one of 20 evaluators responsible for measuring EFMB competitors against exacting standards.
Darrell, like all EFMB evaluators, sports the EFMB badge on her own uniform.
Those who earn the EFMB should be the cream of the crop," she said.
Then candidates faced the first graded EFMB events--a two-hour written test of 100 questions, followed by realistic hands-on tests.
Successful EFMB candidates must first pass a 100-question written test.
Only 86 of the original 200 candidates passed the written test during this year's EFMB testing, officials said.
During a special survival segment, EFMB hopefuls had to negotiate obstacles in a stress-inducing, lifelike scenario.