EFOCEuropean Fibre Optic Communications (conference)
EFOCEducation Foundation of Oconee County (South Carolina)
EFOCEuropean Freight Operating Centre (railway freight operation; UK)
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VAP arrows accept either an aircraft-grade Aluminum Penetrator II Adapter (5/16 diameter, 43 grains) or Stainless Steel Penetrator Adapters (9/32, 93 grains) for an even more EFOC configuration, and all Penetrator Adapters accept standard 8/32 broadheads.
On average, the 54-pound bow's EFOC arrows out-penetrated the 82-pounder's standard arrows by 48.
Broadhead Mechanical Advantage (MA) has a more pronounced influence on the penetration of a perfectly flying, structurally sound arrow than any other factor except EFOC.