EFPIExtrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric
EFPIEquation-Free Projective Integration
EFPIEducation for Practice Institute (Charles Sturt University; Australia)
EFPIEuropean Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
EFPIEstonian Foreign Policy Institute (est. 2000)
EFPIExpected Future Profitability of Investment
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For EFPI Chairman Jurgen Fruchtenicht, these figures demonstrate that that sector has been directly affected by the crisis and the positive results recorded in certain areas do not offset the losses in others.
Yet, as the EFPI states, pharmaceutical R&D investment in Europe grew only 2.
The EFPI regrets that the proposed regulation, which includes mandatory due diligence to deal with the legality of wood products placed on the EU market, does not provide for an effective solution to the problem and is "not feasible".