EFPIAEuropean Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
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A pharmacist by training, Mr Bergstrom was appointed Director General of EFPIA in March 2011.
Zimmer said that EFPIA and WHO statistics prove that the problem is rising.
Notably, the EFPIA said: "There appears to remain confusion between NIMPS and IMPs [investigational medicinal products] in the absence of a formal legal definition of the former.
Commenting on the WHO's observation that Cyprus and the Czech Republic were the only EU member states that rely on foreign list prices to set domestic generic drug prices, the EFPIA chief said every country had a different model.
On his part, Bergstrom offered his full support to the health ministry's effort, noting that the EFPIA supports every effort to minimise imbalances in the supply of drugs.
EFPIA members spend around e1/430 billion per year on R&D in Europe and this investment provides over 700,000 direct jobs and generates a European trade balance of e1/480 billion.
While many of the changes are clarificatory in nature, other changes, including those key ones driven by the EFPIA Codes, may require considerable resource to be put in place.
According to its website EFPIA brings together 33 European national pharmaceutical industry associations as well as 40 leading companies undertaking research, development and the manufacture in Europe of medicinal products for human use.
The code is aligned with Cypriot legislation, as well as with the EFPIA Code of Practice.
On 5 October 2007, EFPIA adopted a new 'Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient organizations' and a revised and updated version of their Code on the Promotion of Prescription-only Medicines (the Code).
Fibig is a Board member of EFPIA, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, and chairs the Board of Trustees of the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology.
According to the Code's latest update (May 2014), the companies-members of EFPIA and members of its unions-members will start in 2016.