EFPREcole Française de Patinage à Roulettes
EFPREconomic and Financial Policy Review
EFPREmpire Foundation for Policy Research
EFPREveryday Forms of Peasant Resistance
EFPRExtended Full Program Representation
EFPREuropean Federation for Retirement Provision
EFPREstimated Fibrosis Progression Rate
EFPREmployment Force Participation Rate
EFPREstate and Financial Planning Review
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EFPR has two basic elements: Financial Reporting and Budgeting-Forecasting.
Mountain 1st Bank and Trust will be implementing the EFPR tool in each of its 12 branches, allowing the branch managers to more efficiently manage organizational and product profitability, as well as budgeting and forecasting through customized reports.
We look forward to implementing the EFPR tool in each of our branches.
based Provident Bank has been using EFPR since 1998.
The EFPR software takes information from the GL and has the capability to feed information back to the GL, if necessary.