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EFQMEuropean Foundation for Quality Management
EFQM[not an acronym] (formerly European Framework for Quality Management)
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All these findings rejected the second hypothesis and showed that the EFQM model is not applicable for every management perspective in the construction industry.
El instrumento consto de 84 items, 80 de ellos son incidentes criticos, especificos, sobre la manera como se gestiona la organizacion de cara al empleado, los cuales resultaron del estudio del modelo EFQM (2010), especialmente de los criterios agentes facilitadores y resultados en personas.
Revisando estudios en este sentido, se encuentra el trabajo de Calvo y Criado (2005), donde analizan y muestran la fiabilidad, la validez y el poder predictivo del modelo EFQM aplicado al ambito universitario.
Instrumento de medicion: Guia Modelo EFQM of Excellence (EFQM, 2009).
The EFQM model is a basis for assessment and evaluation of a business aspiring to receive the European Quality Award (EQA), but also the National Quality Award of the Slovak Republic.
Koller, international Excellence expert and EFQM advisor and trainer from the Institute for Total Quality Management (ITQM), Zurich, Switzerland.
Al Hajri went on to note that for the past 20 years or so, the excellence model has been the primary plan for the EFQM members and for establishments in Europe and elsewhere for building the culture of excellence, employing good practises, promoting innovation, and improving results.
PCBS started preparations for the EFQM certificate since 2014 as an obligation in the National Strategy for Official Statistics.
There are many who believe that excellence models, such as the EFQM Model, are an important tool for companies wishing to adopt the philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility (Pedersen, & Neergaard, 2008; Robson & Mitchell, 2007), in which the impact of the enabler criteria (leadership, policy and strategy, partnerships and resources, people management) on society results (which includes two of the areas that make up the corporate social responsibility: social objectives of the enterprise and environmental responsibility) is taken into account.
Es perceptible una mejora en las calificaciones por la accion de otras medidas como la atencion a la diversidad o la obtencion del certificado EFQM Europeo?
The EFQM Excellence Award is supported by one of the most rigorous assessments.