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EFRAEnvironment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee (UK Parliament)
EFRAEuropean Flame Retardants Association
EFRAEuropean Federation of Radio-Operated Model Automobiles
EFRAEnvironment, Food & Rural Affairs (Parliamentary committee; UK)
EFRAEnhanced Farm Research Analyst
EFraEast Franconian (linguistics)
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Third selling a negative impact the "The process of selling through a third party seller has an unavoidable negative impact upon the welfare of puppies," the EFRA enquiry reported.
An agreement between EFRA and the European Community may be effected by the time EC-92 becomes a reality, but full membership for Sweden isn't expected before 1995, a government official feels.
Because of that involvement, the EFRA committee asked the council for its thoughts on the wider shipbreaking issue.
In a submission to the EFRA Parliamentary committee, which is reviewing the Animal Cruelty Act, the National Police Chiefs' Council argued a government agency should take on the RSPCA's prosecuting role.
The EFRA committee also called for a Defra position on large-scale farming.
The EFRA committee has criticised the European Commission's complacency over the level of compliance with the directive and has supported calls for an intra-community trade ban on export of shell eggs and egg products from non-compliant egg producers.
The EFRA report called on the UK government to extend the GCA's remit to cover indirect suppliers so that all dairy farmers receive protection against major retailers.
Institucion de Banca Multiple, Monex Grupo Financiero, en donde se acredita el recurso, esta a nombre de Importadora y Comercializadora EFRA, S.
Dulas director Ian Draisey and Ecodyfi manager Andy Rowland with EFRA committee
Aberrante que despues de abstenerse por su cercania con los propietarios de la empresa EFRA, decidiera sentarse en el pleno y dar su voto favorable al PRI.
EFRA committee members recommended that fishing should be exempted from the Bill.