EFVEfavirenz (pharmaceutical drug)
EFVExpeditionary Fighting Vehicle
EFVExcess Flow Valve
EFVElectronic Viewfinder
EFVEnhanced Fixed Variable (rate)
EFVElectric-Field-Variant Function
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Before investigating further, and on the basis of experience in case 1, we looked for possible EFV toxicity.
Installing an EFV with a new service line is relatively inexpensive ($20 or less), retrofitting an EFV on an existing line will be expensive ($500 to over $1,000).
She noted concerns have been raised about elements of the proposed rule that are beyond the expansion of EFVs.
The new EFV product will be available on July 1, 2015.
For patients who were receiving d4T, 3TC and EFV prior to the switch, clinicians should please ensure that they have a recent undetectable viral load (VL) (~1 000 copies/ml) and normal creatinine clearance within the previous 3-6 months.
Since no request for information has yet been issued it is difficult to identify potential suppliers, although it seems obvious that General Dynamics Land Systems will leverage experience garnered from the development work carried out on the EFV and thereby reduce risks in the design of the new vehicle, which in any case will be less ambitious if cost are to be contained.
On the resourcing side, like many DoD programs, EFV suffered budget cuts that forced scaledown from the originally designed SDD program.
Bone and limb fat outcomes of ACTG A5224s, a substudy of ACTG A5202: a prospective, randomized, partially blinded phase III trial of ABC/3TC or TDF/FTC with EFV or ATV/r for initial treatment of HIV-1 infection.
The ship's ability to simultaneously operate a combination of MV-22 Osprey, LCAC and EFV even under night vision device conditions greatly extend Navy and Marine Corps capabilities.
Currently the first-line combinations recommended by widely used guidelines [22,23] include a backbone of two NRTIs combined with either EFV or a ritonavir-boosted PI.
Extensive anecdotal literature exists regarding the interference of EFV with antibody-based assays for THC metabolites in urine.