EGATElectricity Generating Authority of Thailand
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EGATElectricity Generating Authority (Thailand)
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Hitachi has already supplied 500kV GIS to Wang Noi substation of EGAT, which is the first 500kV GIS substation in Thailand's electricity power network.
EGAT employees, for their part, didn't entirely trust the residents.
A first request of 300 MW was made for SPP power by EGAT in 1992.
In June 2007, the energy minister, Dr Piasavasti Amranand, announced that EGAT would proceed with plans to build a 4,000 MW nuclear power plant, and budgeted some US$53 million between 2008 and 2011 for preparatory work.
Mitsubishi will provide EGAT Plc with two gas turbines, one steam turbine and two heat recovery steam generators through trading company Mitsubishi Corp.
Because of this, the state-run Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) would dispatch its engineers to build dams in the rivers of its immediate neighbors, Laos and Myanmar, whose ample natural resource remains untapped, said the EGAT Governor Kaisri Kannasutra.
Early on, the villagers were concerned about the effect the dam would have on their livelihoods, but government officials and EGAT and World Bank representatives never addressed their concerns (Ibid.
Italian-Thai Development, one of the largest construction companies in Thailand, has been contracted by EGAT to remove about 500M [m.
The Thai electric utility, EGAT, insisted that although the reservoir would cut through the Thung Yai Wildlife Sanctuary, only a small part of the sanctuary would be flooded.
EGAT has guaranteed that they will buy electricity at a set price and with a fixed demand.
EGAT sells bulk power directly to distribution companies and a few large consumers.