EGCCEuropean Go Cultural Centre (Netherlands)
EGCCElectricity and Gas Complaints Commission (New Zealand)
EGCCEverett Golf and Country Club (Everett, WA)
EGCCEast Glenville Community Church (New York)
EGCCEltham Green Christian Centre (UK)
EGCCEau Gallie Civic Center (Melbourne, Australia)
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Working to ensure that changes to the European Union's Medical Device and In-Vitro Diagnostic Directives do not negatively impact EGCC companies, which often target the European Union for initial new product launches;
Increasing small company interactions with FDA through the use of the EGCC U.
Minogue, who served as inaugural chair of the EGCC board.
It would be presumptuous to say that their life has changed radically since the EGCC was put in place.
Maybe we could even imagine the gradual extension of such a statute to all aspects of the EGCC to ensure the cross-border and European nature of its operations.
Concluiram que a EGCC possui um mecanismo neuroprotetor sobre a morte celular causado por stress oxidativo, inclusive pela oxidacao de PCK e modulacao de celulas sobreviventes do ciclo genetico.
In order to demonstrate the viability of this model, at the time of this writing the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme is reviewing for signature a comprehensive effort of some of the biggest participants in the global supply chain and those who study it to demonstrate the viability of the EGCC.
An EGCC spokesperson told The Middle East: "The new market is ideally located to service this trade.
Is the EGCC confident of harnessing the required funds?
The competent authority in the member state whose law is deemed to be applicable has the authority to exercise control over the management of the EGCC with both national and EU public funds.
The MEPs proposed renaming these new groupings "European grouping of territorial co-operation" but the Commission is insisting on keeping the EGCC name.