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EGCSExperimental GNU Compiler System (computer operating system software)
EGCSEnhanced Gnu Compiler System
EGCSEnergy Grants Credit Scheme (Australia)
EGCSExhaust Gas Cleaning System
EGCSEstates Gazette Case Summaries (legal publication; UK)
EGCSEnvironmental Generation & Control System
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With an EGCS installed, the vessels can burn cheap and readily available heavy fuel oil instead of marine gas oil.
Installation of the EGCS is scheduled to take place in 2016.
Clean Marine offers a proven, futureproof EGCS which facilitates vessels to trade in all waters and ports well within the IMO and local regulations.
Installation of the EGCS is planned to occur during 2016.
Clean Marine provides ship owners, engine makers and ship builders the equipment and support needed to install an EGCS on both new buildings and existing ships.
com/, EGCS is as an open source software project to further the development of the GNU compiler software.
Cygnus has a long standing history of making significant contributions to the GCC compiler and sponsoring open source projects such as EGCS," said Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux.
I am pleased to see that the EGCS project will assume an official role in shepherding the development of GCC, because good compilers are fundamental to the success of Linux applications.
Being appointed by the Free Software Foundation as the official GNU maintainer for GCC means that the EGCS team has successfully exemplified the benefits of the open source model and demonstrates further proof that a diverse and dispersed group of individuals can maintain, develop, and drive a de facto industry standard," said Jeff Law, Cygnus GCC Engineer and EGCS maintainer.
Cygnus will continue our ongoing commitment to EGCS and ensure the continued success of the project by providing the necessary resources such as engineers, hardware, and Internet connections.
In total, a single Clean Marine EGCS unit will manage seven exhaust sources and will be designed to clean 140,000 kg exhaust per hour.
In 2015, the installation of the EGCS unit will be executed.