EGCTEarned Good Conduct Time
EGCTExperts Group for Conformance Testing
EGCTExtragonadal Germ-cell Tumour (also seen as EGGCT)
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In literature, about 19% of patients with recurrent EGCT achieve long-term DFS (11% mediastinal, 30% retroperitoneal).
For example, in a large case series of surgical resection of residual disease in the EGCT patients, Kesler et al reported that nine of 10 patients who had postoperative mortality and nine of 26 patients who experienced postoperative complications were attributed to respiratory failure from bleomycin.
In summary, EGCT is a rare, but important subset of GCTs.
The usual treatment for EGCTs has been platinum-based chemotherapy regimen, such as bleomycin, etoposide and cisplatin (BEP), followed by surgical resection of residual tumours, if feasible.
The objectives of our study were to evaluate patient, disease, and treatment characteristics and survival outcomes in male patients diagnosed with EGCTs in two Canadian tertiary cancer centres.
To the authors' knowledge, our study comprises the largest published Canadian cohort of patients with EGCTs to date.
Consequently, a soldier can drastically shorten the amount of confinement he actually serves by earning GCT, EGCT, and special abatement.