EGDNEthylene Glycol Dinitrate (explosive)
EGDNEuropean Global Defence Network
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In the 15 range samples, 19 positives for five of the eight explosives were identified; EGDN, tetryl, and HMX were not detected and confirmed.
1]) Chemical warfare agents (methyl phosphonate) Sarin 685-785 Explosive (nitroaromatic) TNT, DNT 1310-1390 (nitroester) PETN, EGDN, NG 1260-1300 Propellants/shock sensitive (fulminates) Mercury fulminate 1250-1350 (azides) Lead azide 590-620, 1345-1355
The Quantum Sniffer has successfully detected trace explosives vapors, such as C-4, SEMTEX, TNT, EGDN and DNT, measured in concentrations of parts-per-trillion.