EGICEnvironmental and Geographic Information Center
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Tabela 1--Media e Desvio Padrao dos Valores global do QTDT por dimensao Dimensoes Futsal Futebol Media DP Media DP HPEC 4,50 0,51 4,04 0,69 RSMECA 4,33 0,66 4,07 0,64 CPSC 4,71 0,46 3,81 0,98 AS 4,44 0,85 4,06 0,94 ACC 4,13 0,91 4,00 0,84 MCC 4,67 0,48 4,52 0,51 MSC 4,89 0,32 4,11 0,76 EGIC 4,46 0,67 4,17 0,83 Tabela 2--Dimensao: Habilidades perceptivas especificas do contexto (HPEC) HPEC Futsal Futebol Media Categoria Sub-11 4,87 4,12 4,5 Sub-13 4,5 3,37 3,94 Sub-15 4,12 4,62 4,37 Media Modalidade 4,5 4.
a) Demonstration effect of new replicable behaviour and activities: the Project has a strong demonstration effect of successful operational restructuring as it will enable shifting EGIC from its current state as a local family-owned company to a larger scale, geographically diversified firm competing internationally (from exports representing 2% of turnover to a full export platform targeting growth markets in Asia and Eastern Europe).
b) Setting standards for corporate governance and business conduct: EGIC is planning to create a special purpose vehicle (SPV) which will act as a holding company consolidating its local and international operations.
In recent years, EGIC has been solely a reinsurer for an affiliate, Old Republic Insurance Company (ORINSCO) (Greensburg, PA) for business produced by its affiliated underwriting manager, Employers General Insurance Group, Inc.
New and renewal businesses attributable to EGIC will continue to be directly written by ORINSCO through December 31, 2006.