EGICEnvironmental and Geographic Information Center
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a) Demonstration effect of new replicable behaviour and activities: the Project has a strong demonstration effect of successful operational restructuring as it will enable shifting EGIC from its current state as a local family-owned company to a larger scale, geographically diversified firm competing internationally (from exports representing 2% of turnover to a full export platform targeting growth markets in Asia and Eastern Europe).
b) Setting standards for corporate governance and business conduct: EGIC is planning to create a special purpose vehicle (SPV) which will act as a holding company consolidating its local and international operations.
c) Expansion of competitive market interactions in other sectors: EGIC s further concentration in the Egyptian market and entrance into Turkey via target acquisition will enable the Company to strengthen/develop forward linkages with plumbers in other markets (partly Turkey as well as in some of the export markets), through replication of its existing model; providing training programs, incentives and raising standards of the plumbing industry as a whole.
New and renewal businesses attributable to EGIC will continue to be directly written by ORINSCO through December 31, 2006.