EGPWSEnhanced Ground-Proximity Warning System
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Make EGPWS and its installation practical and no more expensive than the aircraft's paint job.
Bateman was the recipient of Aviation Week & Space Technology's lifetime achievement award in 2013 for his work with EGPWS, received the U.
Featuring Collins Proline 21 suite, the cost-effective platform is also equipped with advanced avionics such as EGPWS and weather radar, enabling LFT's pilot students to benefit from state-of-the-art technology for the initial part of their training curriculum.
Honeywell equipment covered by the agreement includes EGPWS, start control valves and air turbine starters.
Optional CJ2+ avionics equipment includes electronic charts showing geo-referenced position on airports, interactive graphical weather, and Honeywell Mark VIII EGPWS.
EGPWS, invented by Honeywell, provides terrain display and alerts the flight crew if the aircraft approaches too close to terrain.
According to the NTSC report, neither of the flight crew followed company procedures and Garuda records showed no evidence of training or proficiency checks in the actions and responses to be taken in the event of GPWS or EGPWS alerts and warnings.
In fact, a Honeywell analysis of data from 500,000 flights of large commercial aircraft in 2005 indicates as many as 60 EGPWS warnings per million departures might be expected.
An EGPWS monitors the airplane's location, providing a map-type display of the surrounding terrain and sounding an audible alert if the airplane approaches too close to terrain.
Perhaps the most important part of the story is that EGPWS is contributing immensely to air safety.
The systems include the 131-9[A] APU and a full avionics suite that comprises EGPWS, ACAS II, RDR-4B weather radar, FDRs and CVRs, Quantum Line communications and navigation system and Air Data Inertial Reference System.
New avionics for the Boeing 737 include weather radar, communication / navigation equipment, Flight Data Acquisition and Management System (data management) and Aircraft Communication, Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and EGPWS.