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EGR3Early Growth Response 3
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The primer sequences were as follows: for [beta]-actin (NM_001101), 5'-CACTCT TCCAGCCTTCCTTCC-3' (forward) and 5'-AGGTCTTTGCGGATGTCCAC-3' (reverse); for EGR3 (NM_004430), 5 '-CCATGATTCCTGACTACAACCTC-3' (forward) and 5'-GTGGATCTGCT TGTCTTTGAATG-3' (reverse); and for TFFI (NM_003225), 5'-AGAAGCG TGTCTGAGGTGTC-3' (forward) and 5'-GCAAATAAGGGCTGCTGTT-3' (reverse).
As one of the ER-mediated estrogen-inducing genes, EGR3 belongs to the early growth response family and plays an important role in the estrogen-dependent induction of the immune evasion system (Inoue et al.
Transcription factor EGR3 is involved in the estrogen-signaling pathway in breast cancer cells.