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EGRETEnergetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope
EGRETEclipse-Based Global Requirements Tool (software)
EGRETEnvironmental Greening Restoration and Education Team (California)
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In 2016, 13 little egrets were seen at Lindisfarne national nature reserve, 17 at Cresswell Pond on Druridge Bay and seven on the River Blyth.
There currently is no information on the pharmacokinetics of antibiotics in the cattle egret or in any member of the family Ardeidae, which includes egrets, bitterns, and herons.
A Great White Egret was off Connah's Quay on Sunday, with a Common Sandpiper that will perhaps overwinter.
This magnificent picture of Saltholme's cattle egret in flight was taken by Brian Martin.
Breeding, Nesting, Courtship displays, Parental care, Agricultural ecosystem, Cattle egret.
It's not that long ago, particularly in terms of ornithological status changes, that I made a trip to the south coast to record my first UK little egret as birds began to colonise the British Isles and, it's an even shorter period of time since the late Edwin Hopkins and myself watched a single bird on the island at Dosthill Lake in the Middle Tame Valley, both of us being delighted at finding this then regional rarity.
Pascal Bourguignon's flock of Little Egrets on a sandbank in Bretagne is also from above, showing them as tiny dots.
1999) and snowy egret (370 g; Palmer 1962) prey upon earthworms and annelid worms, aquatic and terrestrial insects and crabs, marine fish, and even frogs, snakes, and lizards (Kushlan 1978a, 1978b, Parsons & Master 2000).
Seasonal fluctuation in Ardeids' population: The Little Egret occurred in the study area in low numbers during winter and early spring (January to mid-March) and at late autumn (late October to December).
In Audubon's plate, the Snowy Heron or White Egret remembered by Walcott is slow pacing by a marsh in order to take its prey by surprise.
Cattle Egrets exhibited significantly higher nest success in 2008, while Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, and Double-crested Cormorants experienced significantly higher nest success in 2009; Black-crowned Night-Heron and Snowy Egret nest success was not significantly different between years (Table 4).
Author Samantha Egret knew she wanted to push the boundaries on how the media often portrays wives and mothers in her new novel, Desire's Anthem: A Rock'n' Roll Romance.