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EGSEuropean Graduate School
EGSEl Goonish Shive (webcomic)
EGSEuropean Geophysical Society
EGSEnhanced Geothermal System
EGSEmployment Guarantee Scheme (UK)
EGSEnvironmental Goods and Services
EGSEducation Guarantee Scheme (India)
EGSEndoGastric Solutions (natural orifice surgery; Redwood City, CA)
EGSEOS Ground System
EGSEngineered Geothermal System (energy production)
EGSElectron Gamma Shower
EGSElectronic Grade Silicon
EGSespessura de gordura subcutânea
EGSEUV Grating Spectrograph
EGSEdmonton Geological Society
EGSErmysted's Grammar School (Skipton, England, UK)
EGSElectrogalvanized Steel
EGSEasy Gear Shift (Volvo)
EGSElectrical Generating System
EGSEOSDIS Ground System
EGSEarth ground station (US DoD)
EGSEuropean Ground Station
EGSElectronic Glide Slope
EGSEnd Game Scoring
EGSElectronic Guidance System
EGSExhaust Gas System
EGSEmergency Generator Set
EGSEnhanced GFMPL Support
EGSEvolution Game Servers (Dallas, TX)
EGSElectronic Ground System
EGSElectronic Government Strategy
EGSEntrance Guard System
EGSEnggist & Grandjean Software
EGSEgyptian Geophysical Society
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The EGS is native to the deciduous forests of the eastern United States and southern Canada from Saskatchewan to North Dakota, south to eastern Texas, east to Florida, and throughout Quebec and Maine (Koprowski 1994).
EGS Enggist and Grandjean Software SA, integrates technology with culinary expertise to develop and provide a wide range of powerful Recipe Management Software products such as the world renowned recipe management software, CALCMENU.
Geological Survey estimates that EGS has the potential to enable development of 100-500 gW of geothermal resource capacity in the U.
2C, and an average particle diameter of approximately 10 [Micro]m, as determined by the analysis of several EGS particles, was obtained.
First displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the highly specified e-HDi 70 Airdream EGS VTR+ is available to order from this month at pounds 15,290, and comes complete with the C3's panoramic Zenith windscreen.
To build their global presence more accessible EGS together with Inventure Brand Management represents 15 brands for their business establishment in India through Master Franchisee, Master Licensee and Area Licensee for brands like Denny's, Rita's, Molly Maid, Golf Etc.
The accidental discovery occurred in late January in Wadi Sheha when the EGS and a group of scientists from Slovenia were visiting caves in the area.
Sanner puts his faith in EGS that should become competitive within a "few" more years.
The ministry noted that more than 93 percent of Lebanon's tariff rates for EGs are at 5 percent or lower, as the simple average tariff rate for EGs is 4.
EGS teachers, in recent months have been cane-charged and arrested by the police following their protests.
The EGS Dual is a low cost version of EGS Pro Dual.
franchise companies, under which EGS will be the exclusive representative of the frozen yogurt chain in markets worldwide.