EGVMEuropean Grapevine Moth
EGVMExpert Group on Vitamins and Minerals
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They too needed to take steps to prevent EGVM from becoming established in the area, said Greg Clark, Napa County Agriculture Commissioner.
The grape industry along with the State, county, university, and Federal cooperators will remain vigilant by continuing to monitor for EGVM and other grape pests.
In select urban areas, traps were placed on potential EGVM host plants at a density of five traps per square mile (two traps per km[sup.
2: Regulated areas of California for EGVM, defined by USDA, 2009 to 2014.
However, while celebration of accomplishments to date is important, we must remain vigilant in the year to come and not give up before we have reached our goal: elimination of EGVM from Napa County and the state of California.
In 2011, Napa County deployed almost 5,000 EGVM rural and urban detection traps and caught a total of only 111 moths--94 from the first flight, 16 from the second flight and one from the third flight.
Logistics: A quarantine area was formed for EGVM in Santa Cruz County.
VMB is under control; no EGVM were trapped, but LB AM is spreading.
Logistics: The area remains free of EGVM with restricted movement of grapes into region.
In late August, CDFA expanded EGVM quarantine to San Joaquin County.
The Technical Working Group believes that EGVM represents a serious threat to grapegrowing industries in California and beyond.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) have been working with Napa County to develop a joint EGVM Project to coordinate response activities for trapping, quarantine, treatments and public outreach.