EGWPEmployer Group Waiver Plans (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; US)
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But, in responses to industry commenters on the EGWP controversy, CMS officials note that statutes give CMS the authority to require that each employer submits its plan benefit package and bids to CMS for review.
CMS officials also note that they're making the change because they are getting little information about what's going on in the EGWP market.
This year, the Milliman analysts say, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) says it wants to eliminate the EGWP bidding process and base EGWP funding on the results from the individual market bids.
Because Medicare has been paying more for the EGWP enrollees than for the individual market enrollees, eliminating the EGWP bidding process seems likely to cut EGWP support, analysts say.