EHAPEmergency Housing and Assistance Program (Sacramento, CA)
EHAPEnvironment and Health Action Plan
EHAPExtremely Hazardous Air Pollutant
EHAPElectrical Hazards Awareness Program (forestry; training program)
EHAPEuropean History Advanced Placement (education)
EHAPEthical Hackers Against Pedophelia
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In addition to the ontology EHAP there is a new ontology named HEHAP (Hole's Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology), based on the ontology induced by another wellknown book of literature (Shier et al.
For example, the competency Nervous system in the ontology HSD (Figure 1) covers the requirement Cerebellum in the ontology HEHAP (Figure 2), because, among others, the class Central nervous system of the ontology EHAP is within the covered knowledge of the competency and within the sufficient knowledge of the requirement.
Kennedy, Racial/Ethnic Differences in Utilization of Section 8 Existing Rental Vouchers and Certificates, 3 HOUSING POL'Y DEBATE 463, 478 (1992) (listing an overall success rate of 73% in 18 jurisdictions, excluding New York City); Weicher, supra note 200, at 274 (reporting that 75% of the households in EHAP that expressed interest were able to locate suitable housing).
Coyle said EHAP is central to the State's homeless strategy, which encourages the movement of homeless persons from shelters to a self-supporting environment as soon as possible by providing shelter for the homeless along with comprehensive counseling and training.
EHAP replaces previous State homeless programs in which HCD rated and ranked programs around the state.