EHDREritreans for Human and Democratic Rights (London, England, UK)
EHDRExtremely High Density Recording (magnetic storage)
EHDREstonian Human Development Report
EHDRExtremely High Data Rate (data signaling)
EHDREsophago-Hyoid Distraction Reflex (gastroenterology)
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EHDR achieved a 157% growth in the profits recorded during the first half of last year, with over EGP 4.
0% Source: CAPMAS (2006) Labour Force Sample Survey 2005 Annex Table E6: Additional budget for EHDR vision/MDG programs sorted by type of funding, 2005 to 2015 Grants for poverty Long-term and loanable employment funds Cost Cost L.
Similar to the Global Human Development Report, the EHDR is prepared by national teams to measure and pinpoint human development in the host country.