EHDREritreans for Human and Democratic Rights (London, England, UK)
EHDRExtremely High Density Recording (magnetic storage)
EHDREstonian Human Development Report
EHDRExtremely High Data Rate (data signaling)
EHDREsophago-Hyoid Distraction Reflex (gastroenterology)
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Through the next EHDR, we would like to highlight how social justice can act as a gateway to achieving better socio-economic development for all Egyptians," explained Ignacio Artaza, UNDP Egypt Country Director.
This is the first time that such an approach to data-collection and research has been applied to the design process of the EHDR.
0% Source: CAPMAS (2006) Labour Force Sample Survey 2005 Annex Table E6: Additional budget for EHDR vision/MDG programs sorted by type of funding, 2005 to 2015 Grants for poverty Long-term and loanable employment funds Cost Cost L.