EHEEncyclopedia of Higher Education
EHEEthics in Higher Education (Zagreb, Croatia)
EHEEducation and Human Ecology (college; Ohio State University)
EHEEnvironmental Health in Emergencies (World Health Organization)
EHEEthnic Heritage Ensemble (jazz band)
EHEExceptional Human Experience
EHEErrare Humanum Est (Latin: To Err Is Human)
EHEEnterprise in Higher Education
EHEExtremely High Energy
EHEÉcole Internationale d'Hydro-Esthétique (French: International Hydro-Aesthetics School)
EHEÉnergie Homme Environnement (French: Energy Environment Man; Switzerland)
EHEExpected Horizontal Error (engineering)
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The EHE International health exam measured depressive symptoms with the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), anxiety symptoms with the Generalized Anxiety Scale (GAD-7) and alcohol dependence with the CAGE scale.
Many EHE definitions are available from the literature (Anderson and Bell 2011; Basagana et al.
This is a unique case of EHE involving the mediastinum, lungs, liver, and soft tissue of the neck in a young female patient, who presented with recurrent hemoptysis and neck swelling.
Dose-inhibitory curve methods were used to evaluate the synergistic activities of Icariside II alone or in combination with EHE or Icaritin.
Las EHE tambien aumentan los riesgos de contraer otras enfermedades y complicaciones como hipertension cronica y trastornos cardiovasculares despues del parto, las cuales ocasionan graves consecuencias a nivel familiar.
To compare the 2012 EHE with previously reported EHEs without concurrent power outages, a search was conducted using PubMed for reports of deaths from EHEs that occurred in the United States during the previous 20-year period.
We firmly believe that the characterization of this genetic translocation will lead to a cure for EHE patients.
EHE Biocell Group will focus on stem cell research, stem cell therapeutics, stem cell base cosmetics, and adult stem cell banking services.
Richards, MPH, draws data from medical records of over 13,000 employees involved in a corporate wellness program provided by EHE International.
Birmingham Children's Hospital have previously undertaken two schemes as part of the EHE programme since its start in 2000 and is committed to following its philosophy on all capital schemes.