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EHMEfficient Market Hypothesis
EHMEconomic Hit Man
EHMEastside Hockey Manager (video game)
EHMEngine Health Management (aviation)
EHMElectronic Hardcore Music
EHMExtreme Home Makeover (TV show)
EHMElectronic Home Monitoring (various states)
EHMEnvironmental Health Management (various locations)
EHMEveryone Hates Me
EHMException Handling Mechanism
EHMEnersource Hydro Mississauga (Canada)
EHMEleventh Hour Messengers (band)
EHMEarthquake Hazard Mitigation (US NSF)
EHMExecutive Healthcare Management (magazine)
EHMEucharistic Healers of Mary (religious order)
EHMEnhanced History Manager (browser extension)
EHMExercise-Hypogonadal Male
EHMEarly Health Model
EHMEven-Harmonic Mixer
EHMEquipment Hydraulic Module
EHMEnseignement Hôtelier Méditerranéen (French: Mediterranean Hoteliers Education)
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This agreement recognises EHM as a world class copper-gold-silver mining operation with significant potential going forward.
NEW CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT: EHM is reexamining plans to develop a new retirement community on recently purchased property in Farmington Hills; it had previously contemplated new debt issuance by 2018 to finance part of the cost.
La EHM puede ser definida como la presencia de defectos cognitivos medibles en pacientes con enfermedad hepatica, shunts portosistemicos o ambos, que no son identificados a traves de una historia clinica detallada y un examen neurologico completo, que incluye la entrevista a familiares cercanos, pero que si son detectados por anormalidades en pruebas neuropsicometricas o neurofisiologicas que se pueden realizar en la cabecera del paciente y en el contexto ambulatorio, en ausencia de otras causas conocidas de anormalidades en las pruebas cognitivas.
An extra $195 a month "doesn't seem like a lot for somebody with a regular job, but for somebody like me that's 20 per cent of my income," said Heather Riley, a resident of EHM and a volunteer candle-maker.
Los extractos EHH, EFH, EHM y EFM fueron sometidos a pruebas de citotoxicidad en celulas MA-104, observandose que EHH y EFH mostraron ser citotoxicos a partir de 250 [micron]g/mL induciendo muerte celular mayor al 20 %, mientras que los extractos EHM y EFM no presentaron toxicidad a la maxima concentracion evaluada de 500 [micron]g/mL (Figura 1).
Ramoni (2007) utiliza datos de la EHM para el periodo 1995-1999 a fin de comparar los diferenciales salariales entre sectores en Venezuela utilizando diferentes metodologia de correccion de sesgo de seleccion: la metodologia tradicional de Heckman (la cual endogeneiza el sector laboral de seleccion y corrige a partir de ello las estimaciones de ecuaciones salariales) y la metodologia de propensity score matching (la cual permite no solamente endogeneizar tal decision sino a su vez, generar submuestras de individuos comparables).
The listener will have to pick up on EHM, IMF, BCCI, et al very quickly as any number might appear in the same sentence.
With an introduction by John Perkins who originally coined the EHM phrase and whose book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man was a surprise publishing hit in 2004, in many ways this book is an update on how corporatism continues to run amok and impacts the very poorest of the developing world.
5) John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, decided to publish his tell-all autobiography about his regrettable work as an EHM.
If an EHM is completely successful, the loans are so large that the debtor is forced to default on its payments after a few years," writes Perkins.
Perkins, who was an EHM himself, says an EHM is a person recruited and trained by the American intelligence community (NSA and CIA particularly) and "employed" by private corporations to go around the world and "encourage world leaders to become part of a vast network that promotes US commercial interests.